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Our Team


Our team of public relations and media personnel, photographers, fashion stylists, event planners, caterers and promoters are ready to help support your dreams and visions.


If you have an existing business, starting a new business, have a vision you are already working on, starting something new, in the music, film, arts and entertainment industry or whatever it is you do, we truly care how you look, present yourself, handle the public and media and how you feel.


Why put out fires when they can be prevented.


We feel there is no need for 'scandal' when all things can be handled professionally before the damage is done.  However, we do damage control if necessary.




We deal with all aspects of public relations, media, events, press conferences, social media, press kits, press releases, photo shoots, speech and presentation writing/scripting and will even be your face to the media is you so wish.


Our purpose is to make you look good.  Your success is our success.


Your words can make a difference and how you present them can change your life.


We also offer and provide various executive, personal assistance and management services.


Management and booking agent representation is available to existing clientele only.


News & Publications

May 14, 2015


In it's thirteenth year, Rouse Ministries, already known in the private sector for it's international outreach and public relations since 2002, has gone public with it's extensive media relations skills and knowledge. 


On it's office 13th Anniversary, the Ministry kicks of and launches it's very own Public & Media Relations Division.


The Ministry, already in the media industry stated "...what better way to know what the public and media want than art of the actual media outlet itself."


The two media entity will have no direct association but the Broadcasting & Communications division will still play a supportive role in it's clientele's world via Rouse Ministries Broadcasting & Communications.


The Public Relations Division's moto developed from the Ministry's strong believe is "Your words can be like a two-edged sword...use them wisely."


May 2, 2015


In support of the Independent Bookstores Day (U.S.) and Authors For Indie Bookstores Day (Canada), Author J. Wright Rouse appeared at Cliffside Village Books in Toronto for a book signing, reading and greet and meet with the public.

The well-known Author and Black Canadian Award 2015 Nominee is also the Host of The Pastor J. Rouse Show who was recording live on location.

As J. Wright Rouse prepares to the book signing circuit with the eye on the release of new materials in the very near future, the Author continues to urge everyone to keep supporting the independent, local and community bookstores.  "There is nothing like the smell and feel of a real book."

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Toronto Office:
Rouse Ministries (Public Relations)

2369 Kingston Road, Suite 28052

Toronto, Ontario

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Areas of Practice

Public & Media Relations

Press Conferences & Corporate Communications

Press Releases & Press Kits

Speech & Presentation Writing


Crisis Management & Damage Control


Professional & Profile Imagery


Biography & Fact Sheet Writing


Research & Case Study Proposals


Executive & Personal Services

Management, Booking Agents


and much more...

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