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RM has been in the public relations and media relations since it's installation in 2002.

Since it's installation in 2002, words have always been very important to RM throughout it's many years of promotion, marketing and presentation.


In 2012, through the development of it's Rouse Ministries Publishing Division, written word and the words to promote took on a whole new level and degree of importance. 


The 2013 launching of the Broadcasting & Communications Division put the media aspect of all the Ministry had prepared for to the forefront.  Rouse Ministries Broadcasting had developed and went public with the full coverage of news, television, social media, radio and other aspects of outreach and broadcasting.


The development of the Communications portion of the Ministry is now going full fledged in the Public and Media Relations field along with the other services provided.  The Communications Division is being sponsored throught the Publishing Division of the Ministry, established for public use and servicing just for you.


The Public Relations Division is pleased to provide a full service support system consisting of public and media representatives, writers, event planners, photographers, fashion stylists, promoters and many other talented people and services in the industry to help to make and create a better YOU!


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