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The Team


Director & PR/Meda Rep.


Pastor J. Rouse, Founded the Ministry of Rouse Ministries in 2002.  As the back bone of both Rouse Ministries Publishing and Rouse Ministries Broadcasting & Communications, her experience in the public and media relations industry commenced in 1990. 


Her experience commenced as the former Communications Specialist for an import and export business based in Ontario to Barbados in 1990.  As her business administrative education that lead to teaching adult education business courses with the North York Board of Education, she continue to expand her learned skills from her National Institute of Broadcasting training.


In 1992, the development of The Black Women's League and The Community Counselling Centre centred Pastor J. Rouse in the media eye via various well-known newspaper articles and media news outlets as a sought after expert on various race and women's relations in the media.  The Publishing of The BWL Gazette continued to push Pastor J. Rouse deeper into the media and communications world in 1993.


Her development and growth continues today to help support you, while still being the face of the Ministry in the media, the music, film and entertainment industry internationally as a broadcaster, show host and producer of The Pastor J. Rouse Show, The Discussion and Wright On Point Hot Topics.


Profile & Portfolio Specialists

A wide variety of writers, management, executive, personal assistance, booking agents and researchers to intervene in the promotion of you and help you present or present on your behalf.


These individuals will help to support your words, your entity, your brand, your good name and your image.



Imagery Specialists

A host of individuals specializing in photography, hair styling and design, fashion stylings, make-up artists, speech and body language intervention to assist in the public eye image.


These experienced individuals will help present the you the public sees, hears and associates with your business, product, brand and industry.



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